UAS is the unholy collaboration of producer/emcee AR and rapper Jkenny. Capturing the boom-bap style of the 90's, this disgusting duo has performed across the Maritimes of Canada at events such as Festival Inspire and Peace East. You can hear their latest release below: "Shut the #@!& Up, Donny" featuring East Coast legend, DJ IV.

Released March 14th, 2017, "Shut the #@!& Up, Donny" is a 10 track EP produced entirely by AR with cuts by DJ IV. An ode to "The Big Lebowski" and raw, boom-bap hip-hop, these songs were crafted to make your mother upset. Noticeable tracks include "Cooler Than" featuring Halifax based Miracle and "95" featuring Def Squad's Fish Grease. Three video singles have been released from the EP: "Summer Jam", "AR", and "Rhyming Like Me" and can be streamed below!

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